Beginning March 10th, the Gladys Porter Zoo will be implementing a new dynamic pricing model. Zoo admission prices will now vary through July, depending upon the day of the week. This dynamic model is currently used nationwide at various attractions and is intended to encourage visitorship from Monday through Thursday when the attraction is generally less crowded. At the same time, the slightly higher cost to attend the Zoo provides an inflation-based increase in income at the front gate. Since 90 percent of the Zoo’s operating income is derived from admission sales, this adjustment is needed to maintain a world-class facility, purchase nutritious food for the Zoo’s 1,600 inhabitants, and retain top-notch experts by paying competitive wages.

In addition to the need for increased income to cover daily operating expenses, dynamic pricing will also benefit Zoo guests in the future. In October of 2022, a $30 million master plan was adopted that will revitalize the park, add new, exciting exhibits and visitor amenities, as well as provide larger, more naturalistic exhibits for lions, mandrills, gorillas and many other animals.  The Zoo’s first project is a zip line that will take guests over the waterways and treetops to a height of 150 feet, returning them to ground level at nearly 30 mph! The cost of installation for this attraction has more than doubled in cost since the concept was first approved over a year ago, but it will more than pay for itself after two years in operation. This investment will pay off in terms of attracting more visitors to the area and will provide a unique outdoor experience for children, teenagers and adults from near and far.

The Gladys Porter Zoo has always been committed to providing an enjoyable, educational and affordable experience to the community of South Texas, and this commitment will never change. Through July, adult prices will now range from $14.00 to $19.00, child prices will range from $8.00 to $13.00, and senior prices will range from $12.00 to $17.00. Children under the age of two will still be free. Additionally, Lonestar cardholders will be offered discounted admission prices on Wednesdays of each week, and on select Sundays each month. With the Lonestar discount, up to 4 people per cardholder can benefit from lower prices at the gate.

To avoid confusion at the time of your visit, the new dynamic pricing calendar can be found at, and on all of the Zoo’s social media platforms.