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Dinosaurs are making their return to the Gladys Porter Zoo! DINO FURY, a limited-time exhibit will be open from March 8th through July 7th and feature more dinosaurs than ever before. The public is invited to come and witness these prehistoric marvels before the exhibit goes extinct.

Visitors will go back in time to a prehistoric world where dinosaurs lurked around every corner and only the most ferocious survived. DINO FURY will feature dinosaurs of all sizes and ferocity levels, including the towering sauropod, Amargasaurus, whose key feature was the sharp spines on its neck, and the dreadful dilophosaurus, one of the fiercest predators to exist, 77 million years before the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex!

Of course, this family-friendly exhibit will have fun activities for kids of all ages, including a crayon rubbing station and the chance to come face-to-face with a T-rex for a memorable family photo.

To get the public excited about the opening of this exhibit, the Gladys Porter Zoo’s Facebook page will be posting daily dino trivia beginning Wednesday, February 28 until the opening of the exhibit. The first person to correctly answer each trivia question will win a family pack of passes (2 adult and 2 child passes) to the Gladys Porter Zoo as well as the DINO FURY exhibit.

The exhibit will be open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. An additional cost of $5.00 will be charged at the gate or the entrance of the exhibit, located in the Special Events building.

Guests will be amazed by the robotic dinosaurs brought to “life” by Billing Productions, a world leader in the design and development of animatronics for zoos, museums, and theme parks.

DINO FURY was made possible by the City of Brownsville and Visit Brownsville.

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